Our sponsors with taking scholarships into the future for the modern company who wants to align with their brands to impact the world.


Amplified CSR and ESG

Participants see the sponsors and their offers in a new light when provided with the opportunity to obtain a scholarship.


Higher Sales

The scholarship opportunity attracting new customers, retaining current ones, and encouraging students to promote the offer, the Sparo Tuition Bank is a tool to increase both revenues and profits, while bringing out the best in everyone.


Full Transparency

To build trust, nothing is hidden. Every applicant knows the exact offer and possibilities to win the grant.


Human Impact

Every time customers participate in your Sparo Tuition Bank offer, you empower students to continue on a path to improve lives. 


The Sparo Ecosystem

Our retail platform and marketing service is just the beginning. We are creating a whole giving technoverse with games, POS, and credit cards and tokens, while building a movement of consumers who only want to shop using Sparo.

Microsoft Partnership

In February 2021, Sparo was selected for the Microsoft for Startups program to help us  become the Amazon Smile for the rest of the universe. Since then, Sparo's CSR solution became available in the Microsoft App store, and on January 14, 2022, Sparo became the CSR offering of Microsoft's global campaign, "Cloud for Retail."


Meet Our Founder


The birth of Sparo happened the day I was born and the first drop of milk my mother gave me went to my lungs instead of my stomach. I was supposed to die….

Building a Movement

We're working with top-tier partners to make Sparo fun, irresistible, and synonymous with Purchase with a Purpose®.

Who is Sparo?

Learn about how Sparo helps retailers and others refine their Coporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to attract and retain core audiences.

How It Works

Check out how the Sparo Tuition Bank offers participants opportunities to receive grants to fund their education.