Frequently Asked Questions

Sparo is pleased to work with several partners to offer scholarships to those in need.  Please contact us to discuss your participation.

The purchase need not be made by the individual who will receive the scholarship. This means friends, family members, and others may subscribe and then assign the scholarship a student they select.

Yes, you may pay across monthly installments by selecting this option at checkout.

Category: Tuition Bank

Purchases and/or registrations are required to participate in the Sparo Tuition Bank.

Category: Tuition Bank

The Tuition Bank provides non-taxable scholarships paid directly to approved educational or financial institutions.

The name of the scholarship recipient is posted within a week of their accepting the scholarship.

Category: Tuition Bank

The individual does not receive the funds. Scholarship winners are contacted to obtain payment information for their educational or financial institution.  Payments are then made directly to these institutions.

The scholarship is paid out to the financial or educational institution with in a week of performing due diligence following the announcement of the recipient(s).

The scholarship award frequency varies with the size of the pot as it grows with the number of subscribers and sponsors. Subscribe to our email newsletter and check the website for the schedule.

Yes, all participants who do not receive a scholarship haver an additional opportunity to be awarded a scholarship.

There is a limit of one subscription per person. However, you can subscribe for a friend and pay it forward.

The scholarships are available for those who are eighteen (18) and above.